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Kelvin Saints

A Journey of Passion, Identity, and Artistry

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the life and music career of Kelvin Saints, a rising artist with a unique perspective and a burning passion for his craft. From his early influences to his aspirations, Kelvin Saints shares his story of self-discovery, artistic growth, and the power of music as a medium for change. Join us as we explore the journey of an artist destined to make his mark on the hip-hop and rap scene.

Kelvin Saints, born Kelvin Chanaba, takes us back to his teenage years when he was in search of his stage name. We discover the evolution from previous monikers like Kiddrizzl3 and Top Notch to the moment he settled on Kelvin Saints. Unveiling the symbolism behind his name, Kelvin explains his desire to maintain his given first name while infusing it with a positive connotation. Saints became the catchiest choice, resonating with his artistic vision.

Kelvin opens up about his early musical influences, citing artists like Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar as pivotal figures shaping his taste in music. Reflecting on his diverse musical palette as a child, Kelvin reveals a love for hip-hop, Spanish music across various genres, dancehall, rock, and pop. He also shares his parents' musical preferences, highlighting the rich

blend of reggae, reggaeton, cumbia, merengue, bachata, hip-hop, and pop that filled his home.

Kelvin's childhood was marked by the challenges of being a Latin X kid in a predominantly white community. He candidly discusses the complexities of navigating identity and self-perception, both within himself and in relation to others. This further shaped his journey toward self-discovery and self-expression.

Kelvin reveals the transformative power of music in his life. He shares how his reserved nature led him to engage with poetry and self-introspection, and how a profound moment sparked his interest in social and political issues. Inspired by Kendrick Lamar's impactful track "Fuck Your Ethnicity," Kelvin embarked on a path of creativity and self-expression. Initially an outlet for personal enjoyment, his writing eventually blossomed into a passion that demanded to be shared with the world. Kelvin confidently identifies himself as a hip-hop and rap artist, but he emphasizes his multidimensionality as an artist and writer. He yearns to create concept albums that transcend mere music, offering an experience that delivers profound messages. Kelvin's commitment to using his art as a vehicle for change sets him apart, as he strives to push boundaries and touch the lives of his audience.

Kelvin Saints, the imaginative, spiritual, and personal artist, captivates with his unique perspective and dedication to his craft. As he paves his way in the music industry, Kelvin's unwavering passion, talent, and commitment to meaningful storytelling are poised to leave an indelible mark. With his debut mixtape released and an array of projects on the horizon, Kelvin Saints promises to be an artist to watch closely.

Until his next project release you can bump my favorite Saints songs below:


Q: Stay Independent or sign?

A: "Kelvin leans towards being an independent artist, as he prefers working on projects and crafting cohesive experiences. However, he remains open to signing with a label if they offer the right balance of creative control and financial support."


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