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Welcome to Yohan's Real Life Story

Alec Clayton known as AC in his hometown was given the name Yohan by his birth mother before being adopted and having his name changed to Alec. Recently Alec has changed his stage name to Yohan to avoid joining many artist in the list of generic and forgettable names. In Yohans hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina there have been many things that would not be forgotten. Some things that were never problems before but Yohan says “as we all got older, your color dictated a lot in your life. What you could do, where you could go, etc.”

All of a sudden everyone either had beef, were locked up and ended up killed. “It's terrible but I think we all

learned from their mistakes” said Yohan of the growth in racial tension. Living on his own at the age of 17 after being arrested and charged as an adult with intent to distribute, Yohan learned most Real Life lessons on his own. Previous to leaving home his mother introduced him to a diverse pallet of music and life lessons, like "always keep your options open and never settle". What he's learned from Real Life street experiences is why “Real Life” has become his label, movement and even his self-proclaimed genre.

From real life trapper to Real Life rapper and exceeding pass weapon and drug charges to touring and performing all over the country. Yohan's authenticity forced restriction on what verses he could elaborate on involving his criminal activity but his North Carolina street reputation speaks for itself. If you want to get to know him beyond this, all you have to do is listen.

"Never Settle"

Listen to Yohans new single "Full Clip" available now on SoundCloud or by clicking HERE


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