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Sharon Laloum & Meni Sonino make up the European duo Sharon-Meni. Sharon Laloum is a powerful and profound singer and songwriter that lures you into her inner world with her rich and moving musical creations. Sharon attended the Music Academy in Jerusalem, took part in the "Voca People France" show and reached the quarterfinals at The Voice France.

Meni Sonino is a designer, architect, pianist and gifted music producer, as well as a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technion in Israel. Meni participated in several musical projects around the world; Produced and arranged for various chamber and symphonic ensembles and produced contemporary projects for various singers.

Growing up together in Tel Aviv, Israel since their early childhood, the duo wrote their first song in unison. Their first song was a single called “Slow Motion” which made its way onto their debut ep. With both members having French family members they later moved to Paris and blended their Israeli-French culture to create a unique sound. The two would go on to find their most influential figure at the age of 15, a music teacher named Nathalie Burkatovski. Although music has always been and will always be their main focus, the pair have aspirations to create; in fields of architecture, design and fashion as well. With guidance from their

artistic director Gadi Bachar, the troupe are sure to succeed. Since taking part in the "Voca People France" show and reaching the quarterfinals at The Voice France, the two have now begun to work on their second album

We know you're going to keep an eye out for Sharon-Meni's sophomore album

For now check out their most recently released hits !

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