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Cordelia who goes by Kordelya, was born in Houston, Texas. Although Cordelia was born in Texas, she shared her childhood between Houston, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. This was important in gaining experience in both cultures which helped spark her curiosity of different customs and instruments around the world.

"The Texan native draws her musical inspiration from Mexican Indian tribes and other ethnic groups across the globe. Her admiration for their percussive instruments, flamboyant wardrobe, and vibrant war paint nurtured her identity as a musician. Through her love of electronic production and sound design, she developed a vibrant fusion of percussive beats, exotic instruments, and powerful lyrics to open your mind."

As a teen Cordelia had a dream she was playing the piano while singing a song she'd never heard and at the age of 13, Cordelia turned that into her first song. Although she had crippling stage fright as a child, she didn't back down. The same way she wasn't deterred from fighting any of the boys that bullied her friends, she combated her stage fright. Cordelia spent a lot of time listening to artist ranging from The Beatles to tribal music created by Zulu Aztec and Navajo tribes.

Gaining an understanding of different cultures came as Kordelya spent years living in Vancouver and Boston (studying at the Berklee College of Music) before finally settling in Los Angeles; a great choice for anyone looking to pursue an art career.

Over time Kordelya has conquored many stages and events such as Osheaga, SXSW, MTY CITY FEST and CMJ. Such stages have allowed her to perform in countries like China, Korea, Canada, Mexico, and more. Kordelya's song “7th Sea” was the theme song for copa america in BEIN sports, “Free” has a placement on Netflix in the show “Club De Cuervos”, and have had 7 other placements in digital and TV ads with the rest of her songs.

Today Kordelya will be releasing her newest single "Loca" on

The video will be added after its release but for now you can enjoy a sneak peak on her Facebook and her other culturally inspired music videos below:


"People respond to honesty and the imperfections of human nature, and I love to write about them."

- Kordelya

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