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Bryan Joon

Bryan Bickford, who goes by his first and middle name Bryan Joon, was born in a small town outside of Seol, South Korea. Adopted by a loving family in Connecticut, Bryan Joon spent his childhood in Ellington & East Hartford. Although seen as an outcast by some of the neighborhood children, charismatic Bryan gathered a small group of close friends.

Alienation created a close bond between Bryan and his family, his mother especially, whom he credits for his passion of music and concerts. Growing up his mother would take him to many shows. Bryan recalls one of these times saying, "When I was 7 I broke my ankle and she took me to an Alanis Morissette concert, cast and all. It was a fun night even though I was in slight pain."

Subsequently, 9 years later Bryan Joon writes his first official song, "Frozen". His writing style is inspired by 90's RnB and influenced by artist such as Babyface, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, TLC and Boyz II Men.

"Frozen" was the foundation to his self-titled freshman album recently released on his birthday. The "Bryan Joon - The Album" release party took place in his new hometown of New York City at Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar, where Bryan's mother often makes an appearance to see her son perform. Bryan feels that having an album out is his biggest accomplishment and is definitely something that makes him feel proud, in addition he is also 2016's Winner of the Coast2Coast: Connection Edition. Bryan decided to leave Connecticut in search of a city with great culture and diversity, where he would feel accepted. This decision lead him to the "Big Apple", his new home of nearly 10 years.

Bryan went from being an outsider to being admired but never changed who he was. He is an example of embracing what makes you different and owning it, turning it into a strength. To further envelope yourself in Bryan's emotions take a listen to Frozen and Pretend below:

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