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Jennifer Fair, who goes by her stage name Jennifair, was born and raised in South Side, Chicago. Influenced by her fathers love for the Beatles and her own exploration of the various styles of music, Jennifair began to write. She developed her own style early in life and around the age of 13 was taught how to write music by a close family friend named Roger, who sadly was murdered early in his life. In Illinois Jennifair lost a friend, but gained one as well, Drum Mage.

Drum Mage and Jennifair met through a mutual friend and the three of them made music together for the first time in 2006. Since then the two have been inseparable and Jennifair credits him for her unique sound. The chemistry that Drum Mage and Jennifair have in the studio has gone uninterrupted over the past 10 years as friends and partners. "He is 95% of the process" Jennifair modestly stated. Drum Mage has stayed a strong part of the process even after Jennifair moved to Brooklyn, New York in March of 2014. Jennifair feels she has picked up on New York's style saying, "in Chicago you have a certain style of music. In NY you have a certain style of music. I’m having fun blending the two."

Jennifair has conquered numerous stages and continues to collaborate closely with Drum Mage. On the 4 year anniversary of her relocation from South Side, Jennifair will be releasing her highly anticipated and overall Drum Mage produced album "A Tale Of 2 Cities". Leading to her album, Jennifair has recently put out a music video for her most popular single, "Pickup Lines". Pickup lines (acoustic) is an intimate song that will draw you into the story of a woman trying to swoon a beautiful lady. This Odane Whilby (on guitar) and Mark Bell (on cajon) produced acoustic will have you falling in love with Jennifair's sweet and sultry voice.

The dynamic duo that is Jennifair and Drum Mage team up for the Pickup Lines (acoustic) video to bring you organic chemistry and humor, combined with seduction through song. I have watched the video multiple times and each time that I do, I get something different out of it. I know you will find many relatable moments in this video, so I recommend you check it out below:

If the 12 track album is up to par with the duo's standards (and I know it will be), you can look forward to a write up on Jennifair and Drum Mage's co-written "A Tale of 2 Cities"; The virtuoso's diary about jumping into her jeep and driving to New York.


Look for a write up on 2G Music Group's Rich Ryan, Yohan and Hookz Murdock.

As well as a write up on the young prodigies taking over New York City known as Kicking Down Walls

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