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Kelvin Saints Updates

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Hey everyone! Thank you for joining, a little bit about me, if you're here you know it's because I'm a music artist and a creative. I started out talking to a virtual wall with zero followers on instagram, slowly gained followers and friends I keep in touch with till this day and appreciate. So if you're reading this congratulations, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for tagging alongside me as the journey continues on DKOE's very own platform. Open to collaborations too, or if your just here to see the journey I appreciate you even more. It's the few dozens of people throughout the years that have told me they anticipated my stuff or were grateful I made something that touched them deeply that definitely means the world. Thank you. I promise you guys are in for something special I wouldn't still be trying to do this if I didn't believe I could bring something new to the game. Stay tune and I'll be on here to talk to you all as friends too.


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