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About Us

Our Mission

Our goal as a vigorous and talented group of creatives is to imagine, create and push groundbreaking ideas & design made to contribute towards a better tomorrow. We will introduce you to both orthodox and unorthodox art forms using diverse content & quality community. We also work behind the scenes with our many partners, providing networking & collaborative opportunities for brands of all sizes and across different industries. At DKOE, we believe in producing purely out of passion rather than out of greed. We hope that the right vision and execution will allow us to assist in leading the independent movement toward a successful future. 


Our Story

Welcome to the #1 independent Media Network
DKOE (pronounced "Dee-Koi") is about bringing a different kind of entertainment source, where every creator and entrepreneur can discover independence from the limits put on them by their industry gatekeepers . We can't stand the way artist and entrepreneurs are being treated as replaceable or mimicable rather than unique & with your help we're going to change that.


That is why DKOE was created

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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